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years of amazing I've been a dedicated Donald rolfee for 3 years. My headaches have nearly vanished. I usually have to be peeled off the table at end of sessions as I'm so relaxed. Key part of my healing process. Thank you!
Help with pain Donald is a thorough listener who uses his Rolfing skills to find the sources of pain. For the first time in over ten years I have been able to jog and exercise routinely after seeing Donald for several ankle, knee, back and hip issues. His understanding of anatomy helped diagnose and reverse long standing issues. His advice and video link to exercise have helped as well. Donald is truly a healer.
Bob B
Getting Taller I'm 66 years old and joke with Donald that my goal in Rolfing is to get taller. A few months ago I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for more than 25 years. I clearly remember standing next to him long ago to see which one of us was taller, and he had me by a fraction of an inch. Now, though, I'm at least an inch taller than he is. I'm convinced Rolfing helped maintain my posture and avoid a senior slump. It works. Thanks Donald.
Dan B
The FIRST to submit a review! I have been going to Donald for over 13 years! In that time, he has pretty much worked on everything. I always feel longer + stronger after my sessions and when I jog, it feels like I could run forever. Donald has given me exercises, stretches + book titles that I would never have found on my own. Free candy in the lobby! Conveniently located on Randolph + Michigan. Just a train ride away!
Expert Bodywork Donald is able to identify and go to the source of aches and pains that few people who do bodywork can. Through working with him, not only have aches and pains been addressed, but overall stress held in the body is relieved. He has an expertise in anatomy and how the body works that few people do. He also listens to your concerns with great care and compassion.
Victoria Holland
Major positive impact on body integration I've been working to improve my posture, alignment, and stability for years, but certain spots in my body just didn't want to cooperate. After a series of session with Donald, my body feels so much more responsive to my thoughts. This work is allowing me to do more with my body that I ever thought would be possible.
you will love his work i started seeing donald a few years ago. i had been to a few rolphers in my life and gone through the suggested course of treatments, always with benefits. but i think don’s work is on another level. i have stood after a session feeling like i was standing on new feet. and gotten up from the table free of a pain that had been bothering me for months. facial work has a reputation for being intense or even painful, but i never experience that with donald. i am always relaxed, even during the more intense parts. i’ve recommended him to many friends and family. he and his work is such a gift you should consider giving to yourself.